The Slot, in All Its Incarnations

s you've probably noticed by now, The Slot has grown bloggier over the years. Here's a guide to the many ways you can follow along.

  • Virtually all of The Slot's content now comes into being as an entry at Blogslot. But you can still see what's new on Blogslot, by way of the five most recent headlines, at the home page here.

  • Part of the beauty of a blog is the readers' ability to see new entries through RSS. This technology lets you follow all the blogs you follow by looking at a single "reader," which can be a Web page (I use Bloglines) or a separate browser application. (Read all about RSS here or on Wikipedia, or see a helpful video demonstration on YouTube.) Once you're set up for RSS, you can find Blogslot's feed on Feedburner.

  • Sort of the same thing, but different (skip this part unless you're an "advanced user" or already on one of these bandwagons): Technorati looks at blogs as other blogs see them. At LiveJournal, I'm a blogger, you're a blogger, everyone's a blogger, and we follow one another as peers.

  • On Facebook, you can become a fan. There are some photos and quotes there that you won't find here -- and you can meet fellow fans.

  • Did I mention photos? It's not Slot-specific, but I did start a community for copy editors at Flickr.

  • And then there's Twitter. Either it's life-changing or you just don't get it. I was in the latter category for a long time, but I'm edging into the former. At Twitter, you "tweet" a message of 140 characters or less (ahem) whenever you have something worth saying. You can see my most recent tweet toward the upper right corner of the Blogslot home page, or you can subscribe to The Slot on Twitter and follow along in real time whenever you like. You can even have tweets sent to your cellular telephone or other hand-held electronic device, but even I'm not that hardcore. (To get an idea of what I've been saying, you can look at my archive without having to sign up.)

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